Adoption conditions


A kitten may be sold as :

- Chat company and / or chatting exposure : The kittens sold by the company are sold sterilized.
- Chat livestock and / or chatting exposure : Under certain conditions.

Parents are detected Genetic Diseases :

- HCM (cardiomyopathy Hypertrophique) TEST DNA and ECHOGRAPHIE DOPPLER COLOUR each year by Professor The Bobinnec
- PKD (Polycystic kidney) by DNA test + ultrasound 3 years 

- SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) by DNA test.

They have their genetic identity card and their blood type.

They are tested FIV/FELV.

On our kittens :

- They can join their new family at the age of 3 months.
- They are vaccinated against Typhus, Coryza, chlamydiose and leucosis (primo and Recall)
- Those who leave for abroad or upon request will be vaccinated against rabies and can not join their new family and the age of 4 months.
- They are dewormed regularly dice the age of 3 weeks and are treated against external parasites.
- They are sold with legal safeguards.

             -  They have their genetic identity card and their blood type

            .- They are identified by microchip and are included in the LOOF .

The legal guarantee defects prohibitive :
The law No. 89-412 of 22 June 1989 defined the prohibitive flaws in the feline species which are as follows :
Leukopenia infectious
- Feline infectious peritonitis (PIF)
- Infection by the virus leucémogéne
- Infection by the virus of immunosuppression (IVF)

The reservation of a kitten is effective only after payment of a deposit equal to 30% of the price of kitten.

They leave us with the following documents :

- Backlog vaccination
- Certificate of sale
- Medical certificate of good health
- Copies of the pedigree of parents while awaiting receipt of hers
- Booklet home a cat race
- Copies of DNA tests and echo doppler parents
- Identification Card
- A passport with the rabbies vaccine if hand abroad
- A Kitten Kit.

They remain our property until full payment by the buyer.

You will acquire a kitten, he will live with you for many years.
We ask you :
- To love and to provide the necessary care to its successful growth.
- To give us his new occasionally.                                                           

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of a kitten without any explanation from us.


For more informations, please call me :
05 45 63 03 42 or 06 86 88 83 20
ou par Mail :